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About Us

About UsL.A. Cycles has a wide selection of accessories for you and your motorcycle. We have a complete line of products from chrome options to leathers, and it is in stock!

L.A. Cycles is an independent motorcycle shop located in Whitestown, Indiana. We specialize in American Made Motorcycle sales, parts and service. The shop is owned by Larry Averitt, who has lived in the community for thirty years.

At L.A. Cycles we sell and service Harley Davidson motorcycles, all are considered pre-owned, even though some have only 5 miles on them. We are not a factory store, but an independent, custom bike shop. We have parts and accessories from aftermarket manufacturers such as Custom Chrome, MidWest Motorcycle Supply, Biker's Choice, ProTech Leathers and many other companies that sell accessories for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Why are we located in Whitestown? We get this question often. Larry Averitt and his Dad had a railroad tie/landscape business called AAA RR Ties back in the seventies. They were located on the property where L.A. Cycles is now. Larry was living in Zionsville at the time and selling motorcycle parts as a part time job out of his garage. He soon phased out of the landscape business and started selling from a shop on port of the Whitestown property. In the past decade, L.A. Cycles has expanded considerably to include an extensive antique motorcycle exhibit along with a motorcycle toy collection from all over the world. Some of the toy were in Malcolm Forbes collections which Larry picked up at a a Sotheby's auction a few years back. He now has one of the largest collection of this type in the country. It is on display at our shop.